I have never made an online purchase before; how can I be sure The Stackable Bands is reputable?

“The Stackable Bands” is a brand for Golden State Jewelry, INC, which is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles since 1978. Golden State Jewelry has a store location at the International Jewelry Center building, which is known to be the “Jewel of Downtown LA”. For more reviews and information, you can check our Golden State Jewelry reviews on Yelp among other social media platforms. 


Why should I choose The Stackable Bands?

You should choose “The Stackable Bands” because we manufacture our own products. “The Stackable Bands” is where quality, value, and elegance converge. We use the best expertise in Cad design, state-of-the-art casting, and highly skillful diamond setters. 


Is there a Stackable Bands store location I may visit?

“The Stackable Bands” is a brand for Golden State Jewelry, INC, located in Downtown LA:

550 South Hill St. Suite 715, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Are discounts available?

Our prices are already discounted and catered to jewelry retail stores and the public. However, occasionally, we offer promotional prices on some of our products. 


Do you offer a warranty on the jewelry I purchase from The Stackable Bands?

No warranties are available. However, you are encouraged and welcome to maintain your product by sending your item to our workshop periodically and take advantage of receiving a free polish and checkup on your stones.